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April 29, 2018

Changing Hearts US
Week of April 29, 2018

Jesus is receiving your prayers and fasting


Pray this week for Washington and W. Virginia.  From coast to coast we need people praying for our culture to return to God.  Correcting these 6 moral issues is crucial to pleasing God. Please visit

Our fasting suggestions are to give up potatoes this week. That means no French fries, baked potatoes or you can take colder showers all week long.  Fasting from comfort is sacrifice we Americans find hard.

Tell 3 people about this “Day of Silence” being promoted to students in public schools so students will support Gay and Lesbians rights.  This seems unreal.

GLSEN’s Annual Day of Silence, this year was Friday, April 27.  This is a student-led national event where folks take a vow of silence to silencing and erasure of LGBTQ people at school.  This group which is national will help students organize their school and suggested activities as students gear up to take a vow of silence April 27.  They are asked to be silent even during class.   It is suggested that they pass out speaking cards in black & white or color to explain your participation that day. For more tips and stories, read the Day of Silence zine created by GLSEN’s 2016-17 National Student Council.

Students for Life remind us that ¼ of their generation is gone due to abortions. That means ¼ of that generation is missing from our country. Somehow that makes abortion take on a new meaning.


Nashville, Tennessee Honors Abortion victims

A bill approving a memorial to the unborn was passed by the Tennessee Senate. If approved, the memorial will be privately funded but erected on the state’s capitol grounds and will include the inscription: “Tennessee Monument to Unborn Children, In Memory of the Victims of Abortion: Babies, Women, and Men.”

A California bill could ban Christian teaching on homosexuality?

A proposed law in California could have a chilling effect on free speech, warn critics who fear that it could ban efforts to explain and promote Christian teaching on sexual morality.  “The broad reach of AB 2942 leaves even simple religious speech on same-sex attraction or activities open to legal action and impinges on the basic human right of freedom of religion. The bill would ban advertising or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts. It defines such efforts as “any practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation.”   (Story From CNA)


Judge Forces Admin to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

The administration is being forced to continue giving Planned Parenthood millions of tax dollars after a federal judge ruled against the government. The abortion chain sued the Department of Health and Human Services in February after it cut grants to Planned Parenthood’s questionable Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP). 317-496-6045 e-mail –

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