Changing Hearts

August 13, 2017

This is the August 13, 2017, Changing Hearts US radio broadcast — Abortionist Jane Hodgson and other abortionists, periodically celebrate being abortionist pioneers.  Jane recently stated that, “Pregnancy is a disease” and abortion is the cure. My! How far away from the gift of life has the abortionists fallen.  We need to pray pray for them. Princeton University is letting its students pick one or more of the six gender categories it has made available through its student services interface.  This is a part of the university’s efforts to highlight the difference between gender and sex. Princeton’s gender options include “cisgender,” ” gender non-conforming,” ” transgender,” “man,” “woman,” and “other.”  Did you know even Facebook has 70 + gender choices?  How confusing?  It seems we have fallen away from reality.  I learned in health class, as you most likely learned, that there were 2 genders.  I guess someone missed that class.  Dearest Lord, we know that our culture has fallen so far from Your word.  Please forgive us and help us return. Amen.

Pray for Minnesota and Montana.  May these northern friends see the culture as it is and how God wants it to be.  May they help our culture return to God’s ways.  Fast this week by remembering how Jesus fasted at the beginning of his ministry (in the dessert) and at the end (the passion).  Both times it was from food.  This week fast from food as He did.  Choose at least one day to eat as little as possible.

May Jesus bless and keep you – till we meet again.