Changing Hearts

August 6, 2017

This is the August 6, 2017, Changing Hearts US radio broadcast — The Transgender Military Ban was applauded for respecting biology & the common good.  On July 27th, our President announced that persons identifying as transgender could not serve in the U.S. military. Theologians and bioethics experts voiced support for the policy change.  Did you know that 41% of transgender people commit suicide compared to 5 % of the general population?  They do need our prayers.  Prayer Points:  A judge struck down an Alabama law which sought to look into a girl’s maturity in making a decision to have an abortion without parents’ consent.  The state felt judgment of her maturity could be made without notice to the parents.  Alabama is reviewing the judge’s decision.  The Culture of Death and Euthanasia has a new martyr – Charlie Gard.  We must pray or our world.  Euthanasia & Abortion have brought us far too many martyrs.  Dearest Lord, please hear our prayer for our culture and give us courage to step out and change this culture.  Amen.

Pray:  this week for Missouri & Mississippi.  Collective prayer is very powerful as we know at Changing Hearts.  If we really understood the power of prayer we would pray unceasingly.   Our fasting suggestions are to eat no sweets or do no snacking during the week, or fast from criticizing and complaining.  That could be a hard one, but if you fall, just start over.  Your effort means a lot to the Lord.

May Jesus bless and keep you – till we meet again.