Changing Hearts

March 11, 2018

This is the March 11, 2018, Changing Hearts US radio broadcast — Praise Point:  In Ypsilanti, Michigan, a pregnancy center called Family Life Services recently moved into an unlikely space: the building of a former Planned Parenthood.  Now the building where babies died is a place where women and babies are made healthy.

Prayer Point:  The TV show ‘Good Girls” is anything but goodOffensive content in the program includes: theft, laundering drug money, murder, affairs, sexual dialogue, alcohol abuse, foul language, and attempted rape. Be sure your family has nothing to do with this show and pray it will soon be taken off the TV.

Praise Point:  People come to doctors for medical help.  You will want to see the video on Changing Hearts Facebook with a doctor telling us about the dark side of euthanasia.  He explains how it hurts the doctors, the patients and the culture.  It is good to hear the truth about euthanasia.  Dearest Lord, we know You are listening to our prayers and fasting for our side is winning.  Thank You!  Amen.

PRAY: for North Carolina and North Dakota.  It is important that these people see God moving in their lives, so they can trust Him and change their culture.  Our fasting suggestions are to give up salt, fried foods and all snacks on your fast day or fast as God asked in Isaiah 58:7 “shelter the oppressed and the homeless.”  Collect all your loose change this week and give it to a charity.

Visit us at and as always, keep Kay Dodds and her family in your prayers.

May you see Jesus’ hand in your life each day as He blesses you.