Changing Hearts

March 18, 2018

This is the March 18, 2018, Changing Hearts US radio broadcast – Praise Point:  The final report of the Investigative Panel of Congress found this to be true of Planned Parenthood – “Regarding their Stewardship of Taxpayer Funds, the Panel found that Planned Parenthood affiliates and clinics have repeatedly neglected their fiduciary duty requiring good stewardship of federal taxpayer dollars. The Panel recommends that Planned Parenthood lose all federal funding, including reimbursements for Medicaid services.”

Prayer Point:  Urge Arby’s to Pull Sponsorship from “The Mick”. This TV show centers on Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy, an irresponsible, foul-mouthed, alcoholic, pill-head who is forced into raising her rich sister’s intolerable kids after the sister is arrested. This vulgar program is far from family-friendly and has a TV-14 rating.

Praise Point:  St Paul’s Street Evangelization is helping Changing Hearts do a Good Friday Walk in Indy. Details on our website  Dearest Lord, please help us succeed with the Good Friday Walk.  Amen.

Pray:  for Ohio and Oklahoma.  May these citizens feel our support & have the courage to join us in prayer, fasting and action to Return the Culture to God. Our fasting suggestion this week is to fast from personal time as in Isaiah 40:31: “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wing as eagles.”  So, spend personal time resting with the Lord, and enjoying His love.

Visit us at and as always, keep Kay Dodds and her family in your prayers.

May you see Jesus’ hand in your life each day as He blesses you.