Changing Hearts

March 4, 2018

This is the March 4, 2018, Changing Hearts radio broadcast – Praise Point:  A new movie “Tortured for Christ” opens March 5th in theaters across the U.S.  Four years in a Communist prison could not break this man’s faith.  Pray and ask God to make your faith that strong.

Prayer Point:  State Employee’s Union is at the center of a Supreme Court Case.  During the interrogation, the Union admitted it was a Planned Parenthood donor.  Using the union dues to donate $400,000 in 2014.  Pray that the members become aware of that and correct that.

Please go to our Facebook page, ChangingHeartUS, and watch the video by a doctor that tells us the dangers of a transgender Ideology and how it becomes child abuse.  Dr. Cretella explains how children are born with DNA that makes them a male or a female.  It is not a matter of choice.  Male or female is a scientific design created by God at conception.  These facts can help you understand this transgender ideology and how it hurts people.  Dearest Lord, You create us as man or woman.  Help our culture realize that.  Amen

Pray:  This week for New Mexico and New York.  May the citizens in those states feel our support and be able to pronounce God’s truth about our 6 moral issues.  Look on line at to read our prayer with the 6 moral issues.  Our fasting suggestions are to fast from eating between meals or fast from your cell phone or Facebook.  You could use that time to talk with Jesus.

Visit us at and as always, please keep Kay Dodds and her family in your prayers. 

May you see Jesus’ hand in your life each day as He blesses you.