Changing Hearts

May 13, 2018

This is the May 13, 2018, Changing Hearts US radio broadcast – Prayer Point:  The Butcher of Bellevue strikes sgain in the seventeenth medical emergency documented by Operation Rescue at a Carhart abortion facility in the past five years and the sixth at a Nebraska abortion facility.  On Friday May 4, 2018, an ambulance, fire unit, and another emergency response vehicle, were summoned to the Abortion and Contraceptive Clinic of Nebraska (AACCON) at around noon for a woman who was brought out of the abortion facility covered completely in a white sheet.

Praise Point:  One Million Moms claims victory as “Dating Naked” has been pulled from TV.

Prayer Point:  On Friday, May 4th, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) signed into law the Fetal Heartbeat Bill, which prohibits doctors from performing an abortion after the detection of the baby’s heartbeat. The law would require any women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound to determine whether a fetal heartbeat can be detected, a milestone usually detected around the sixth week of pregnancy. Dearest Lord help us to recognize that these babies are truly babies and deserve life.

PRAY:  This week for Alabama and Alaska.  May the people there come to stand up for Religious Freedom and our 6 moral issues.  Our fasting suggestions are to choose your favorite food, one you eat often and fast from it this week, or fast from free time and choose a person in the news this week, that you think needs your prayers.  Once a day this week ask God to bless them.  They will not even know why their life is getting better.

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May you see the hand of Jesus in your life each day as He blesses you.