Changing Hearts

October 1, 2017

The is the October 1, 2017, Changing Hearts US radio broadcast — Prayer Point:  In a shocking vote, British doctors endorse legalizing unlimited abortions up to birth.  Only 33 council members of the Royal College of Gynecologists were allowed to vote on this important issue, despite having 14,000 members, fellows and associates. Praise Point: In Kansas City, MO at the expanded Planned Parenthood clinic, On September 18th 11 women received informed consent abortion information and began their 72-hour waiting period, as required by Missouri law.  On Thursday when they returned – the Pro-life Kansas City sidewalk activists were there praying for the women and their babies and offered practical assistance – before it was too late.   Eight out of the 11 rejected abortion. Praise God! Prayer Point:  Boston has welcomed any group to schedule an event at the city council and fly their flag. “Any kind of group, that is… but a Christian one.”  Dearest Lord, we want so much to awaken our culture to Your truths, for the truth will set us FREE. Amen.

PRAY: for Rhode Island & South Carolina.  May the citizens there join us in prayer and fasting for the culture to return to God.  Our fasting suggestions are to eat no meat and do no snacking or do the fasting suggested by God in Isaiah 58:7 “share you bread with the hungry.”  So – eat less at your house and donate that food from your pantry to a local food pantry.

May Jesus bless and keep you – till we meet again.