Changing Hearts

September 24, 2017

This is the September 24, 2017, Changing Hearts US radio broadcast — Prayer Point: Nabeel Qureshi, Author of “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”, a 34-year-old convert from Islam, died September 16th of stomach cancer.  God rest his soul and may other people find Jesus. The book “Why I don’t call myself Gay”, written by Daniel Mattson, is in the news again.  If you or someone close to you has same sex attraction, you will find that this is a good book to read.  Daniel explains how he has been able to come back to his Catholic faith and understand now how to be comfortable with being who he is and being celibate.  This is his life story and it tells us how to be a strong Christian, yet help and give peace to people like him.  Prayer Point:  Pro-Life people are rising up to keep the Senate from eliminating the Hyde Amendment which a 41 years old law which prohibits tax dollars from paying for elective abortions.  We must not let this amendment go away.  Dear Jesus, help we Christians do your work.  Amen.

PRAY:  this week for Oregon and Pennsylvania.  PA is the state where Kermit Gosnell preformed so many abortions.  May God have mercy on all of us for allowing abortion to happen.  Our fasting suggestions are to give up fast food, no McDonald’s. etc. or fast this week from your favorite hobby, TV show, craft, etc.  Doing this will give you more time with Jesus and His scripture.

May Jesus bless and keep you – till we meet again.