Changing Hearts

August 20, 2017

Changing Hearts US – August 20, 2017

We are sad that we have allowed the culture to say – That the unborn is a “non-person” who has no rights. Thus, we pray and fast for forgiveness.


Pray this week for Nebraska and Nevada. May all their citizens recognize God’s mercy and love in their lives and work to move their morals to match God’s morals.  Please put your own personal prayers on our website Prayer Wall:  We would love to pray for you.

Our fasting suggestions are found in Matthew 6 where Jesus detailed the 3 duties of a Christian –giving, praying, and fasting. This week choose a favorite food that you eat often. Perhaps it is hamburgers, chocolate, or fancy coffee. Fast from it all week.  You will be surprised what God reveals to you about yourself.


If you are a Christian then you must want to tell people about Jesus.  I say Jesus, because many people believe there is a God. They are okay if you say, “God bless you” because people have many ideas who God is. God could be Allah, Buddha, God the Father, Brahma, or Jesus just to list a few names.  Life may change if you use Jesus’ name to evangelize.  A minister one told me, “You can’t really evangelize without using the name Jesus.”  Think about it.  Do you think people would be surprised or put off if you said “Jesus bless you!” or “May Jesus bless your day!”  Let’s try it.

TV Land continues to air the vile program “Younger”

It is shown on Wednesday evenings at 10:00 pm ET/9:00 pm CT and the program which is not at all suitable for adults or children is advertised during the Andy Griffith Show.  Even the ads are vulgar.  One Million Moms and Changing Hearts want you to be alerted for your whole family. You can help remove the show by contacting the advertisers to tell them you are upset that they choose to support a vile show like “Younger”.  Click here for easy information to be able to call or e-mail “Icy Hot” or e-mail your concern directly to: at “Icy Hot”.



Praise Point:  Someone is speaking out the truth. Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece, Alveda King, tells everyone that Abortion is Racism and Takes Away the Civil Rights of Unborn Babies.  The niece of the slain civil rights leader says she believes that abortion is racism because it denies civil rights to unborn children.




Sick New “Abortion Simulator” Video App Lets You Kill Babies In The Womb

Video game reviewers at “Touch Arcade” stumbled upon a sick new game app that will allow players to kill unborn babies in the womb.  The “Abortion Simulator” is being developed by Kierun Studios, a company based in India that has a reputation for reprehensible games.

The game “will put you right in the middle of the surgery room and let you perform various abortions,” from early-term to “24+ week complex cases,” the developer describes. It appears that players will use surgical tools to reach into the womb and tear the unborn baby out in pieces. Can you imagine that, but better still how can we stop that?       317-496-6045              e-mail –

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