Changing Hearts

August 6, 2017

Changing Hearts US – August 6, 2017

Let us work for Jesus together


Prayer 7

Pray this week for Missouri & Mississippi.  Collective prayer is very powerful as we know at Changing Hearts.  If we really understood the power of prayer we would pray unceasingly.


fasting 4

Our fasting suggestions are to eat no sweets or do no snacking during the week, or fast from criticizing and complaining. This could be a hard one, but if you fall, just start over.  Your effort means a lot to the Lord.


Take Action 2

Please share our needs with a friend.  These needs are listed below.



Volunteers Needed 2We need volunteers – Changing Hearts has 3 new projects about to begin.

  • We wish to, once again, call chapels giving away our prayer card/bookmarks. We need 3 people to call 3 chapels a week offering to give them our bookmarks.  We did this in 2010 and our bookmarks went into all 50 states.  Now those need to be replaced.  We also now have bookmarks in 20 foreign countries.
  • We need some teens who are on fire for Jesus and want to be trained to be able to give Him away as the apostles did. We are planning a 3-hour training and a 2-hour on the street trial.  These teens would be a part of our YES group Young Evangelization Squad.  It will be fun!
  • One of our radio stations wants us to have a weekly 15 min. pod cast. They would like it to be a conversation between Kay and a teen talking about what changing hearts is doing that week and our 6 moral issues.  We need teen volunteers.

Do you want to help or know a teen who is on fire for Jesus?  These are simple ways you can share the faith.  Please call our number below or e-mail the address below.  Let us work for Jesus together.


Alabama SealPrayer Point:  A judge struck down an Alabama law which sought to look into a girl’s maturity as she wants to have an abortion without parents’ consent.  The state felt judgment of her maturity could be made without notice to the parents.  Alabama is reviewing the judge’s decision.


euthanasia-4Would that our people recognize euthanasia as these leaders do

Melbourne, Australia, on Aug 2, Christian leaders from several denominations joined forces in the Australian state of Victoria to decry a bill in favor of assisted suicide. One of the leaders said, “Euthanasia and assisted suicide represent the abandonment of those who are in greatest need of our care and support.”

Wellington, New Zealand, Aug 4, A long-term inquiry submitted to New Zealand’s parliament Wednesday did not recommend that assisted suicide and euthanasia be legalized in the country.  “We’ve tried to distill all the arguments and our recommendation to both the Parliament and the people of New Zealand is to read this report and come to a deeper understanding of what’s been asked around assisted suicide and euthanasia,” said Simon O’Connor, chair of the parliament’s health committee, which prepared a report of their findings to the House of Representatives. EUTHANASIA IS NOT GOOD FOR ANY COUNTRY.


Family Research CouncilFamily Research Council believes that “homosexual conduct is harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large, and can never be affirmed. It is by definition unnatural, and as such is associated with negative physical and psychological health effects. While the origins of same-sex attractions may be complex, there is no convincing evidence that a homosexual identity is ever something genetic or inborn.”       317-496-6045       e-mail –

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