Changing Hearts

December 10, 2017

Changing Hearts US – December 10, 2017

You can daily help put Christ back into the Christmas season

Pray this week for Connecticut and Delaware. May they come to know Christ’s peace and joy by changing our culture back to Him.

Our fasting suggestions are that you give up potatoes this week.  That means no French fries, baked potatoes, or potato chips or fast from comfort. Take colder showers all week long.  Fasting from comfort is a sacrifice we, Americans find hard.

Consider ordering bookmarks from us to put into your Christmas cards.  You can easily help get more people aware of the state of the culture and praying to RETURN THE CULTURE TO GOD.  Then we can all have a very Merry Christmas.


“I lived on Parker Avenue.” a movie that promotes adoption

Adopted at birth and raised in Louisiana, David Scotton is on a journey to Indiana to meet the birth parents he’s never known. His tattooed birth mother, Melissa, and reserved birth father, Brian, anxiously wait for him, concerned David will reject them for decisions they made before he was born.  This is a documentary abut a mother’s agony in choosing what’s best, the joy of a couple starting a family and young man’s search for where his life began.  Here is the trailer:


Think Abortion is Okay in Cases of Rape? Consider This: She Was Conceived in Rape

The so-called “exception” to allow for abortion in the case of rape and incest is something Crystal Surbey takes personally. Surbey’s mother was just a teenager when she was raped.  Her mother chose life for Crystal.  Now Crystal is a mother of four and lives in Northwest Ohio.

Crystal tells us she was raised by her grandmother, yet her mother lives in the same town. Her mother has started to have a relationship with her children now, so, they just have an adult relationship. Crystal says, “I have always taken the stance that I’m grateful that she gave me life.”


Praise Point:  The movie “The Star” is out this Christmas and is great for the whole family.  It is a darling tale of the animals who are at the birth of Jesus.  How great it is to hear of a good family movie in theaters everywhere. You can watch the “Trailer for “The Star” by clicking here.


Prayer Point:  Sparkle Season and its other secularized sister celebrations are not as innocent as they sound. Quite the opposite: they represent an increasing hostility to any public reference to religion. Those that give us Sparkle Season are also campaigning to scrub the public square of any reference to our religious heritage.  Let’s scrub Sparkle Season.


Praise Point:  Since the time Troy Newman, the President of Operation Rescue, joined the ministry, more than 75% of surgical abortion facilities in America have closed, saving the lives of thousands upon thousands of precious children.  He is proud to have had a hand in this amazing work by investigating, exposing, and shutting down dozens of abortion clinics all across America. 317-496-6045 e-mail –

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