Changing Hearts

December 4, 2016

Changing Hearts US – Dec 4th, 2016

Lord save us from Euthanasia


Prayer 7


Pray this week for California & Colorado.   May our mission of RETURNING THE CULTURE TO GOD become a real mission for them.


fasting 4

This week decide to do without one of your meals twice this week or fast from some personal time and take a walk for 10 minutes twice this week and meditate on the Our Father.  What is in it that touches your heart?   What is God asking of you?


Take Action 2

Pass this newsletter with the truth about Euthanasia on to as many adults as you can.  Our culture needs to know these truths.




This week I listened to a documentary video entitled “Vulnerable” with truths from some noted doctors.  It was about the world wide spread of Euthanasia.  It is a discussion topic in nearly every nation in our world.  Canada is the latest country to make it legal.  Euthanasia in Canada in its legal forms is called medically assisted dying and became legal as of June 2016, to relieve the suffering of grievously ill adults whose “natural death is reasonably foreseeable.” Strict rules govern access to assisted suicide. In Canada, medically assisted suicide is not available to minors, nor can it be used to relieve the suffering of a mental illness. To prevent suicide tourism, only residents with Canadian health care coverage can have access to medically assisted dying.  Belgium has had it for years and noted doctors from Belgium reported their findings in the video.

This is coming very close to home and abuse is so easy.  We Americans must be alert as we already have some states that allow it.  The video gave a number of deceptions about Euthanasia.  I will give you the top 3 today.

Deception 1Euthanasia is compassionate.  Most of the people wanting it have two concerns.  They are depressed for multiple reasons and they are also afraid of pain.  Hardly any of them are in pain as they consider euthanasia. The highly-trained doctors on the video said medication can help both depression and pain.  As we know depression can make things seem worse than they are.  These people do not want to be a burden to their families, but when the doctor and patient spoke with the family many times the family did not feel the care needed was a burden.  It is good to talk with everyone.

Deception 2 – Euthanasia is all about the individual and their wishes.  Wrong!  The video showed how the whole family is affected by Euthanasia.  One son from Belgium, was so upset because the doctor agreed with his Mother that she could have death with dignity and the family came to the hospital just to visit her and she was getting the injection as they talked.  He felt the whole family including the grandchildren were cheated out of this lovely lady.  He said this is not death with dignity.

Deception 3 – Safeguards will protect the vulnerable.  A handicapped lady spoke about how people like her were not perfect and could be thought a target for these laws.  She reminded us that all of us have some disability.  Have you thought of diabetes as a disability?            317-486-6045              e-mail –

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