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February 4, 2018

Changing Hearts US
Week of February 4, 2018

Pray this week for Missouri & Mississippi. Collective prayer is very powerful as we know at Changing Hearts. If we really understood the power of prayer, we would pray unceasingly.

Our fasting suggestions are to eat no sweets or do no snacking during the week, or fast from criticizing and complaining. That could be a hard one, but if you fall just start over. Your effort means a lot to the Lord.


Talk with your teens about sexting. Please continue to pray for healing for our National Coordinator, Kay Dodds.


Praise Point:  Fruit of the Loom Pulled Their Sponsorship of “Dating Naked.” Now thanks to One Million Moms the TV show “Dating Naked” has been cancelled!  You can help One Million Moms clean up TV.  Talking to sponsor works.



Prayer Point:  Study suggests teenage girls don’t have the tools they need to navigate the pressures of sexting (with a “t”).  In a recent study, teenage girls were found to feel powerless when asked for a nude image of themselves from young men, most often saying they felt trapped, bombarded, coerced, and confused when confronted with “sexting” requests.  Some adolescents sent photographs as the result of coercion by male counterparts in the form of persistent requests, anger, and threats. We must give our young women tools.



Praise Point:   How about a movie with a little substance, and YES clean. That’s what “Paddington 2” offers. It is a movie that inspires a person.  Paddington’s gift, besides being an adorable bear, is that he cares about everyone in his neighborhood. Paddington cares about friends and strangers alike. He places the needs of others before himself. Don’t miss this one.





Prayer Point:   The show “Roseanne” has come back on ABC.  It is now featuring a “gender creative” child in the cast.   How can this major network purposefully confuse children?  There is no such thing as “gender creative” or “gender fluid.” They are attempting to rename gender dysphoria, which is a mental disorder that requires psychological help.  You can sign a petition to stop this show. Click here.


Please Oppose “Corpus Christi” A BLASPHEMOUS PLAY!

The Richmond Triangle Players are scheduled to perform the blasphemous play Corpus Christi.  The play in which preview video scenes show Our Lord’s character…

  • passionately kissing His Apostles
  • marrying two homosexual men after which the ‘couple’ kiss to seal the covenant
  • viciously striking a female

And the New York Post reported Corpus Christi uses Gospel passages in a contrived way: ‘“Art Thou King of the queers?’, the Pontius Pilate character asks. 317-496-6045 e-mail –

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