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January 14, 2018

Changing Hearts US
Week of January 14, 2018


Pray this week for Kentucky and Louisiana.  May they see the joy in living their morals God’s way.

Our fasting suggestions are to give up your favorite beverage this week or by fasting from shyness. Say “May Jesus Bless you” to every clerk as they finish helping you.  Evangelizing is not hard.

Guard your children against the video games and scholastic books discussed below. Also, please continue to pray for healing for our National Coordinator, Kay Dodds.


Abortion Now Has a Video Game: Pro-Choice Advocates Create New …

Sep 5, 2013 – Abortion video game does exist.  Two Texas women have found a unique way to rail against Texas’ strict abortion laws. Poet Allyson Whipple and video game historian Carly Kocurek have come together to create “Choice: Texas, a Very Serious Game.” No, it’s not a book, scholarly article or documentary. The pro-choice project is a video …  We must be alert to all video games and now there is more reason to guard our lives and our children.


Supreme Court Leaves Intact Mississippi Freedom of Conscience Law. 

Praise Point: The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to hear a case involving a Mississippi law that allows government and private business workers to say their religious beliefs won’t permit them to offer services to LGBT people. That decision leaves intact a federal appeals court ruling that permitted the law to go into effect. A three-judge panel determined the challengers of the law did not prove they would be harmed by the measure.


Prayer Point:  Indiana House Bill 1157 has been introduced which would allow adults, who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, to end their own lives with the assistance of a doctor, following a 15-day waiting period and other psychological examinations.  Currently, six states, plus the District of Columbia, have legalized assisted suicide.  Keep an eye on your state.  Pray this law does not pass.


Scholastic Inc. is Marketing Transgender Picture Books for Children

Everyone is familiar with Scholastic Inc. Their book fairs are popular fundraisers at your child’s school. However, Scholastic is not safe for your child and parents should be warned.

According to its website, Scholastic Inc. reaches 6 million children per week with its publications. It features morally toxic reading lists for children, such as:

  • “Books for Two-Mommy Families”
  • “Great books for Two-Dad Families”
  • “6 Picture Books About Transgender Children”

The American College of Pediatricians warns: “Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal, is child abuse.” 317-496-6045 e-mail –

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