Changing Hearts

January 7, 2018

Changing Hearts US
Week of January 7, 2018

You can make a difference


Pray this week for Iowa and Kansas. Pray for all of their citizens to have the courage to proclaim God’s Truth about our 6 moral issues by word, by internet, to friends, to neighbors and to family.

Our fasting suggestions are that on your fast day you give up fried foods and all snacks or fast as God asked in Isaiah 58:7 “sheltering the oppressed and the homeless”.  Collect all your loose change for a homeless shelter.

Be sure to speak out with your opinion about our 6 moral issues, so hearts can be changed. We can do it, even if it is one person at a time.

Please continue to pray for healing for our National Coordinator, Kay Dodds.


Since our National Chairman, Kay Dodds, is so ill, we need someone who is willing to help write the weekly newsletter. That volunteer would be sent a partial newsletter or grid each week and would be asked to find current events relating to our 6 moral issues.  We would give that volunteer some websites to check in order to have some choices.  It would take approximately an hour to do, and should be ready by noon on Saturday of each week.  We hope God is tugging at someone’s heart to do this.

Just send an email to or call 317-496-6045 for information.


Prayer Point:  As of Jan. 1st Illinois has a law that allows abortions to be paid for with tax dollars.  It already has some law suits to stop this.

Also, in Illinois transgender and intersex individuals will now be allowed to change their gender on their birth certificates without going through gender reassignment or gender confirmation surgery.  The change can be made as long as the person is under a doctor’s care.



Praise Point:  Recent successes of One Million Moms’ endeavors to clean up TV include the cancellation of “Impaster”, “Dating Naked”, and “The Real O’Neals”. They have also been successful in getting Sanderson Farms and L.L. Bean to pull their advertising from other questionable shows.



We have great news to share with you today from Operation Rescue 

A California organ procurement company, with links to Hillary Clinton, just admitted guilt in illegal trafficking of aborted baby body parts, and have agreed to pay nearly $7.8 million in a lawsuit settlement.

These companies were caught on camera by the Center for Medical Progress and now they’re being held accountable for breaking state law.

This is a major victory for Operation Rescue and the entire pro-life movement, and it’s one that we should celebrate!   317-496-6045   e-mail –

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