Changing Hearts

January 8, 2017

Changing Hearts US – January 8, 2017

Lord, give me an open heart to find You everywhere and share You always.


Prayer 7


Pray this week for Iowa and Kansas – Pray for all their citizens to have the courage to proclaim God’s truth about our 6 moral issues by word, by internet, to friends, to neighbors and to family.



Our fasting suggestions are to give up salt and fried foods this week, or fast from money.  Try to spend 10% less this week and give it to someone in need.



Take Action 2

Be the difference you want to see in the culture.  Live your Christianity everywhere you go.



international-christian-concern-2WASHINGTON (International Christian Concern) – Persecution watchdog and aid organization International Christian Concern (ICC) just released its annual “Hall of Shame” report for 2016, highlighting the world’s 12 countries that are the worst persecutors of Christians.  The report includes the United States, as well as Russia and Mexico. This is the first time the American based organization, which has assisted persecuted Christians since 1995, has included the United States in its annual “Hall of Shame.”

How awful that our country is on this list!  We know Christians’ religious freedoms are being taken away, but now we are the 12th country in the world in this category per this respected group.  Visit their site to learn about this.



Comment on our newsletters from Mary Anne G.

Thank you for all your hard work on the newsletters!  So glad to hear that Pauline is doing well! (In newsletter of 1-1-17, Pauline was saved from Euthanasia.) It does happen too often and we are not even aware of it.  You bring this to the light.  May we all keep praying and sacrificing!   Please send us your ideas and comments.


impasterVictory! “Impastor” has officially been cancelled

After only two seasons it was cancelled. 1MM asked TV Land network to cancel this sacrilegious and sex-filled program and followed with an email campaign urging sponsors to pull their support.  Public outcry and lack of advertisers played a major role in the blasphemous show’s cancellation! Your support has made a HUGE difference!

We must cry out when TV is immoral.  It the duty Jesus asked of His disciples.  Change hearts and thus change the world.



PRAYER POINT:  We need to pray for Canada because it has legalized Euthanasia.  We know from history that the U.S. could follow along with our neighbor. Pray that Euthanasia does not happen here!



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