Changing Hearts

July 16, 2017

Changing Hearts US – July 16, 2017

Is fasting an option or a necessity in the life of Christ’s disciples?


Prayer & Fasting

Pray for Kentucky and Louisiana.  May they see the joy in living their morals God’s way.

Our fasting suggestions are to give up your favorite drink this week or by fasting from shyness say, “May Jesus Bless you” to every clerk as they finish helping you.  Evangelizing is not hard.

Take Action 2

Please pass on this knowledge of fasting to your friends.  It is important in these times to fast as Jesus asked His disciples to do.




fasting-5Why Would I want to Fast?

You may ask, why should I fast; it is hard. Fasting you see is a biblical discipline that can be explained in both the Old and New Testament.  In Joel, we hear God say “return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning; and rend your hearts and not your garments’. Thus, we are asked to change our hearts.  Fasting is a way to show God we want to change our hearts.  In Jesus’s time, people fasted regularly, twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. This was carried over from the Mosaic law.  Then in Matthew 6:17 & 18 Jesus tells His disciples how to fast.  He said “when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that you may not appear to be fasting, except to our Father who is hidden. And your Father who sees what is hidden will repay you. Jesus stressed fasting the most (to the Pharisees) for the time when He, the Bride Groom, was taken away from them.


Canada IDCanada has Genderless sex marked on ID

Undecided sex selected for a Canadian 8 mo. old baby who was born at home. The child does not have a birth certificate, yet it needs an ID card to get Canada’s medical insurance, so the transgender mother had a genderless ID card issued which has the sex marked “U”.  The sex being undecided. The mother wants the child to decide for itself, when it grows up what gender it wants to be. This really needs our prayer and fasting for God to intervene in our world because He chose a sex and purpose for each person.


OregonOregon also has Genderless sex available

Prayer Point:  This is in to the U.S. too. Oregon’s state Transportation Commission approved the option to mark “X” instead of female or male on state IDs, driver’s licenses, and learner’s permits. This officially went into effect on July 3.  It follows an Oregon judge’s decision last year to recognize an army veteran’s legal change to non-binary sex. Oregon is the first state in the U.S. to do this.  Pray, pray, pray for our culture and especially our country.


Trump & Prayer Trump Praying with Christian Leaders in the Oval Office

Monday, several evangelical leaders were invited to the White House to discuss several issues including religious freedom. During the meeting, the pastors and Christian leaders also prayed over President Trump.  It is good to see that leaders know how much we need God in our world.


War on Women“I had an abortion
Give us the pill!”

Those “lyrics,” yelled at the top of their lungs and repeated several times, are from a feminist hardcore punk band called War On Women. Sadly, they’re one of several unabashedly pro-abortion bands playing all summer long on the secular Vans Warped Tour, the largest summer music tour in the nation.  They are culture drivers that many young people look up to and seek to imitate them.  It also gives you an idea of what we’re up against.       317-496-6045        e-mail –
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