Changing Hearts

July 23, 2017

Changing Hearts US – July 23, 2017

We can “Return the Culture to God” with your help


Pray for Maine and Maryland. May our east coast family open their eyes to the sad moral state of our country and join us in “Returning the culture to God”.


Fasting 7

Our fasting suggestions are to fast from meat and snacks on one fast day or fast from resentment and bitterness. Work on forgiving the people who have hurt you. Show mercy to them.


Take Action 2

Choose one story below and alert 2 friends to our mission and these news items.



One Million MomsOne Million Moms are alert to profanity and filthy language, etc.

To clean up TV we must all help. TNT’s new summer program, Claws, has an extremely raunchy plot like none One Million Moms has ever seen. This new comedy-drama goes where no other show has gone. The first episode included an astounding 65 instances of profanity and filthy language, and some of the most explicit sexual content and graphic violence we have seen on basic cable. The second episode included 50 instances. And this pattern continues with the following episodes. We could go on and on, but it includes homosexual and lesbian oral sex, nudity and is a dark program where Christianity is blasphemed. Contacting sponsors is critical. You can contact TripAdvisor via telephone at 781-800-5237 or via e-mail at We can’t let the culture RUIN our lives.


Emily Rose HollinsMedical Miracle – 12-Oz. Baby Born 4 Months Premature Gets to Go Home

Every human no matter how small is God’s miracle. Emily is one of the smallest babies to survive outside the womb. She was born four months prematurely, weighing just 12 ounces, KOCO News 5 reports. “Just knowing where she is today, … that’s a miracle,” said her mother, Melanie Hollins.  Now after five months Emily is going home. Miracle #1.

Before Melanie knew she was pregnant, she said she was diagnosed with stage four kidney failure.  She was undergoing tests and hoping to get on an organ transplant list when she found out that she was pregnant with Emily, something she didn’t think was possible. Miracle #2. From Oklahoma City.


OKC PPAlso, in Oklahoma City, Planned Parenthood is Opening a New Abortion Clinic

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is renovating and planning to reopen another facility in Oklahoma City this year. The abortion chain’s Oklahoma affiliate announced the news on Facebook recently. It’s Midtown Oklahoma City facility closed on June 17 for renovations and will reopen at a date not yet announced. The facility did not perform abortions on site, but it did referrals.


The Bold Type 2“The Bold Type”, which Freeform dubbed a teen drama and centers around three young women who work at Scarlet magazine (which is based on Cosmopolitan magazine), has pretty much covered anything and everything related to sex and beaten us over the head with it in every episode so far. So, what’s left on the leftist Hollywood agenda? Abortion, of course.           317-496-4045        e-mail –

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