Changing Hearts

July 30, 2017

Changing Hearts US – July 30, 2017

Want to change the world? It starts with giving Jesus’ joy.


Prayer 7


Pray this week for Massachusetts and Michigan.  May the hearts of those people come to the Lord to help us Return the Culture to Him.


Fasting 7Our fasting suggestions are to give up adding seasoning to your food, no salt, ketchup or salsa, no sugar in your coffee, or give up judging people’s hearts.  You can judge actions, but only God can judge a person’s heart.


Take Action 2

Tell someone about the joy of having Jesus as a best friend.



Trump 2Transgender military ban applauded for respecting biology & the common good

Washington D.C., July 27, 2017:  After Our President announced on Wednesday that persons identifying as transgender could not serve in the U.S. military, theologians and bioethics experts voiced support for the policy change. Persons identifying as transgender have a suicide rate of 41 percent, versus the rate of 5 percent for the overall population. It is estimated that there are around 2,450 transgender personnel in the active duty and 1,510 in the Selected Reserve.  The President stated that we “cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”


Religious Freedom AmbassadorSurprise – the U.S. has a Religious Freedom Ambassador

Washington D.C., July 27, 2017: Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas, on Wednesday, was nominated by our President to be the next Ambassador At-Large for International Religious Freedom.  Because of his experience, Brownback fully meets the two qualifications critical for this position: first, a vigorous understanding of the meaning and value of religious freedom for all, and second, the ability to communicate that understanding, both as a universal moral value and as a political institution, that can serve the interests of every society.


Prayer & Praise 3Prayer Point:  We do not want political correctness to be more important than moral values.  But a new California bill, Assembly Bill 569, could make Catholic conduct codes illegal?  Pro-abortion groups are lobbying for a California law, whereby Catholic employers, like Catholic schools could be sued for asking teachers to follow their Catholic moral codes of conduct.

Praise Point:  On July 22nd in Washington D.C., youth from all over our nation rallied for an event called World Youth Day Unite.  This event is held in an off year of the International World Youth Day.  The youth enjoyed spiritual messages, fellowship, and spiritual services together.  We are so grateful for religious freedom in our nation.

The next official World Youth Day will be January 22 to 27th, 2019 in Panama. Changing Hearts plans on being in Panama with our red bracelets to ask the youth to help us Return the Culture to God.  We will need your financial help to get the bracelets.  Any tax-exempt donation you make now can be marked for those bracelets.  To see what our youth are doing please take a look at our newest video –

Prayer Point:  The case of Charlie Gard has touched the hearts of many people in many nations.  His plight reminds us how fragile our Right to Life is; We must not forget that human life at all ages is very important to God and it should be to us too.  We must fight against Euthanasia, for all Pro-Life issues are interlaced.       317-496-6045     e-mail –

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