Changing Hearts

July 9, 2017

Changing Hearts US – July 9, 2017

Prayer 7


Pray this week for Iowa and Kansas – Pray for all their citizens to have the courage to proclaim God’s Truth about our 6 moral issues by word, by internet, to friends, to neighbors and to family.


Fasting 7Our fasting suggestions are that on your fast day you give up fried foods and all snacks, or fast as God asked in Isaiah 58:7 “sheltering the oppressed and the homeless.”  Collect all your loose change for a homeless shelter.  God is so generous to us.  We should share.


Take Action Today


Do read below and learn about a man who is gay and celibate.




prayer-9Prayer Point: The Supreme Court has finally decided what to do with one of the most controversial cases on its docket.  The case asks the justices to decide whether private parties like bakers or photographers, can refuse to do business with gay and lesbian clients based on religious objections to their same-sex marriage.  May they rule in favor of religious freedom.




Christian YouthWe are dealing with a culture of self-determination

This core belief, embraced widely by young people, is that freedom defines identity.  “My freedom comes first, and then I determine, who I am, and the meaning of my life. It’s all based on my freedom to determine my sexuality, my gender.  The purpose of my life is all up to me.” Self-determination is not based on truths.  You are the gender God made you and freedom should cause one to help others not just yourself.  Thus, the world can survive.



OregonPrayer Point:  A new bill proposed in Oregon would expand the state’s already-liberal laws, requiring insurance companies to pay for abortions and other reproductive services at zero cost to the patient.  The bill passed the Oregon Senate on Wednesday. Now going to Gov. Kate Brown.




Gay & Celebite 2One Christian man talks about being gay and celibate — Part 2

It is a blessing to share with you a series of Q and A’s with a gay Christian man.  I am surprised and impressed about how he takes both his faith and his gay life so seriously.  He is working within who he feels he is to be, gay and celibate yet who he is as a Christian.  He is doing this at the same time.  He wants to educate us and help his fellow gay men.   During the second interview with Joseph Prever, he answered this question.

  1. How can you handle gay feelings for men? He wants us to deal with reality.  Men can have special friendship and feel loving toward another man without being romantically involved.  He states, “I think that is the ideal toward which I should strive in all of my friendships with other men: to be able to have love for them, and in fact to expunge any sexual component.”
  2. What do you do when a friend tells you he is gay? I aim at having love for them, and in fact to expunge any sexual component.  I think that is the ideal              toward which I should strive in all of my friendships with other men:
  1. What do you think we should be doing as a Church, as a Christian community, to be helping people who struggle with homosexuality? I’ll start first by saying that I’m extremely grateful for the organization People Can Change, which is an organization founded precisely on the idea that radical change with respect to homosexuality is possible. I’m grateful for them not because they ‘made me straight’ or something, but because they gave me a space in which to work out some of my issues, many of which turned out not to be related precisely to homosexuality in particular, but were just sort of emotional issues that needed dealing with.    317-496-6045                e-mail –

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