Changing Hearts

Kelly Elkin’s story

I joined Changing Hearts because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives while I stayed at home with my kids. Changing Hearts allows me to become an active prayer warrior for people all over the world.  It keeps me updated on current events that need my immediate prayers.  I love volunteering and I want to teach my children that  being a prayer warrior is something we can all do at anytime and we can make a huge impact on people’s lives.  Changing Hearts is a tool that I use to help keep me informed on the important events that can directly effect all of our lives,  (unlike watching the daily news) and it gives me an opportunity to make a change.  I can use Changing Hearts  to teach my children we are one body in Christ and what we do, no matter how big, small, good or bad our actions may seem, our actions have an effect on others. Changing Hearts can therefore increase faith in ourselves and others.  Changing Hearts is a tool we can all use to help literally change hearts.  Come join us as a volunteer and/or a prayer warrior.