Changing Hearts

May 20, 2018

Changing Hearts US
Week of May 20, 2018

Pray this week for Arizona and Arkansas.  May the people there have their eyes opened to the sad moral state of our country and join us in “Returning the culture to God.”

Our fasting suggestions are to fast from sweets and snacks on your fast day or do the fasting suggested by God in Isaiah 58:7 “share your bread with the hungry.”  So, donate food from your pantry to a local food pantry.

Please share this newsletter with one or two friends. Also, please continue to pray for healing for our National Coordinator, Kay Dodds.


Praise Point:  A judge in California has overturned the state’s law legalizing assisted suicide. He ruled it unconstitutional. The judge said that the California legislature improperly passed the law during a special legislative session that was supposed to devoted to discussions on Medicare funding.  Euthanasia activists argued in court that assisted suicide is health care and that made it appropriate for the special session. More than 100 people have killed themselves under the law.

Prayer Point:  Why Happy Christian Moms Still Feel Guilty – Pew Research found that evangelical mothers score high for balance and satisfaction in parenting.  If they do so well then why do they still feel guilty?  It’s because they see issues with their children or their struggles as a spiritual deficit.  Pray that these women instead see their faith as their source of strength and consolation.

Praise Point:  President Donald Trump has once again marked the National Day of Prayer with a new policy designed to protect faith groups and their involvement with the American government.  Joined by his evangelical advisers and leaders from various religious traditions during a Rose Garden ceremony on the National Day of Prayer, Trump signed an executive order officially establishing his White House faith office.  Dearest Lord, we want to protect life in California and in every state.  Thank you for helping our government see ways to help faith-based groups.  Amen. 317-496-6045 e-mail –

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