Changing Hearts

Paulette’s Reason for Volunteering

I am a member of this Changing Hearts, Prayer Warrior Team, to assist in spreading the Power of Prayer to as many people as He will allow us to reach. When I was working a 55 hour week as a Banker, I often found myself over-stressed and Too Pooped to Pray. I knew that that was a missing piece of my inner peace. Retirement has given me the advantage of Time and being able to make some wonderful choices on how to spend it!

I remember our Mother’s line, “Prayer personally costs us no money, EVERYONE can pray.!” We ALL know what can be accomplished if we Believe in the Power of Prayer! Sometimes we just have to remind each other!! Carving out time to do the things that are most important to us is always a personal choice. Having the Time to Pray, and helping out those who feel they do not have that Time, is the main thrust behind my intention to be a part of this Prayer Warrior Team, Changing Hearts.

I also volunteer to spread the Changing Hearts prayer and message to people in different states by doing some phone calls and personally passing out the bookmarks. People are glad to have something they can really do to change the culture for their grandchildren and children. You can join us too. Come make a difference.